Welcome to our home! Our little corner of the world is friendly, cultured, vibrant and beautiful.  I'm Vince Decker, your down to earth real estate broker with Windermere Real Estate, a highly regarded company with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2001, I've assisted more than 700 clients and friends with the purchase or sale of their homes. I'm a great listener, highly effective negotiator, incredibly hard worker and optimistic guy. I work primarily by referral and put my heart into helping each client. Whether you are new to the area or just moving across town, please call me anytime! 


"Vince found my dream home and sold my former home with a combination of personal qualities and skills rarely found in the same person. Rarely do you find someone is who extremely task-oriented, skilled and efficient, while simultaneously building casual and calm working relationships. On the business of getting tasks done he is very driven; but on the people side, his confident, fun, and easy-going nature relaxes what can often be a stressful period in people's lives. He is generous with his effective and empathetic listening skills and is an artful and fair negotiator. Vince's work is influenced by a set of life values that encompass both his business and personal life. He truly values helping others, justice, community stewardship, and trusts that abundance comes from giving. Like many of his former clients, I consider Vince a friend and someone I will know in this community for years to come. If you don't know Vince and are considering working with him. I trust very much that you will experience the same positive experience as many others have during the often very sensitive and momentous process of buying and selling homes". Dr. Earl Martin, Professor.

Helping you buy: Not all realtors are created equally, not even close! Buying a home is a truly important decision, you need a coach, strategist, advocate and cheerleader all wrapped in one, someone who gives you valuable advice and helps keep you sane during the process. I promise you powerful, ethical representation, well-researched information about the true benefits and drawbacks of each property. I have unique methods and am highly successful at securing homes for the people who work with me. Assisting my clients and friends with properties since 2001, I know the neighborhoods of our region intimately and will help you make a smart choice. Remember, your home is an investment but also a place that feeds your spirit, inspires you and helps you relax after a long day. Many of my buyers are referred to me by previous clients, it feels gratifying to be trusted like that. CALL ME! I'd love to sit down with you for a fun chat and coffee/cold beer, hear about your home dreams. Together, we'll come up with a solid plan to get you a great home!

Helping you sell: Many sellers have questions, might feel a little overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I'm happy to come by in person anytime, get to know you and tour your place. It's me who will visit, not an assistant! Having sold more than 700 homes, I will put your mind at ease and give you great suggestions for how we can prepare and present your house to make it look its best. Many of my ideas are practical, common sense, things that don't take a lot of time or money. The week before listing, I procure high-definition photographs, video and 3D Matterport tours so we look enticing to people viewing us online. Then, we hit the market! I orchestrate every step of the process with a strong goal to minimize your frustration and maximize our results. I'm intimately involved in every detail: impeccable planning, flyer design and wording, skillful open house hosting, negotiating strongly on your behalf, vetting possible buyers and making sure we choose the best one. Once we accept an offer, I handle all the details to get the sale of your home smoothly to closing. I'd be honored to help you!

Travel for the Soul: I love people and have traveled all over this planet of ours for more than 30 years. On my often solo journeys, I have trekked among ancient Sri Lanka sacred temples, beaches and indigenous Veddah cuture, explored remote post-tsunami Aceh Province, Batak culture, orangutans, komodo dragons and the origin of the best coffee on earth on Sumatra and Flores Island-Indonesia, walked through the jungles and vibrant city of Paramaribo, Suriname. I've lived alone for ten days with the Waorani native tribe in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador, traversed the lemur-filled rain forests and baobab jungles of Madagascar, rockclimbed Hat Raileh, Thailand on amazing jagged limestone cliffs that rise above the Andaman Sea. I've stood at the edge of the biggest single drop waterfall on earth, bathed with native Amerindians in remote swimming holes and drank great rum in the remote Rupununi area of southern Guyana, journeyed around wildlife filled Tanzania, listened to bizarrely beautiful music on a rooftop in Zanzibar and sipped mint tea and shopped for rugs in chaotic medinas in Morocco. I've ridden many hours riding rickety buses on bumpy roads and hiked steep mountain paths to meet (and be tattooed by) a 102 year old living legend traditional tattoo artist woman in a former headhunter village deep in the mountains of Northern Phillippines. I've hitchhiked just for fun from Sapporo to Shiretoko National Park in the far north of Hokkaido, Japan, played beach volleyball with locals and watched matches at the biggest soccer stadium in the world in Rio de Janeiro, canoed in to live with the Embera Tribe in the Panamanian Darien Jungle, had a solo walkabout for one month in remote areas of Ethiopia where I went to the hottest place on earth, stood on the edge of a bubbling lava lake, slept on the ground with 3,000 other locals at the ancient Timket celebration in Lalibela. I've traveled alone to prehistoric cave paintings, vibrant camel markets and went swimming in the Gulf of Aden in peaceful Somaliland (a self governing area that almost no one has ever heard of). I've gone off the grid with the Kogui indigenous tribe of Colombia, trekked without a plan across isolated parts of Bangladesh and Assam and Meghalaya, in Northeast India. I've traveled solo to the amazing High Himalayan Mustang region of Nepal and taken rickety buses to little settlements and islands on the Mozambique Indian Ocean coastline. I speak Spanish to some real estate clients, discuss trips to Africa with others. These annual walkabouts continually recharge my spirits and help me have genuine and interesting connections with people I work with.

Vince Decker Real Estate LLC

Client Testimonial: Susannah & Aashish Dhamdhere, "Our realtor Vince is a very unique person who made our homebuying experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. From the first time we visited, he embraced with vigor the needs of our family and provided us with an excellent variety of home options, often seeming to know about the best listings even before they reached the market! He wasn't afraid to give us objectively honest assessments of the benefits and drawbacks of each home and neighborhood, and at no point did we feel pressured or pushed in any direction. Vince possesses a wealth of knowledge of communities, transportation, restaurants and real estate. Within 10 days, he had helped us locate our dream home, truly saving us time and money. His warm personality also put the sellers at ease immediately, and he chose the exact approach to help us get the house for the price we wanted. Vince is a diligent worker, a gifted communicator and was extremely responsive to our needs and questions. During evenings, weekends and holidays, he worked tirelessly to move our purchase process along. Vince went above and beyond in representing our needs all the way through to the end: he was not only literally by our side during the financing, inspection and settlement phases, but he also helped us connect with contractors, served as a furniture broker between us and the sellers, and came up with creative win-win solutions when any challenging issues arose in the transaction. We greatly benefited from his honesty, warmth and sense of humor, and we would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Vince!"