Susannah & Aashish Dhamdhere, Microsoft and Starbucks "Our real estate broker Vince is a very unique person who made our homebuying experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. From the first time we visited, he embraced with vigor the needs of our family and provided us with an excellent variety of home options, often seeming to know about the best listings even before they reached the market! He wasn't afraid to give us objectively honest assessments of the benefits and drawbacks of each home and neighborhood, and at no point did we feel pressured or pushed in any direction. Vince possesses a wealth of knowledge of communities, transportation, restaurants and real estate. Within 10 days, he had helped us locate our dream home, truly saving us time and money. His warm personality also put the sellers at ease immediately, and he chose the exact approach to help us get the house for the price we wanted. Vince is a diligent worker, a gifted communicator and was extremely responsive to our needs and questions. During evenings, weekends and holidays, he worked tirelessly to move our purchase process along. Vince went above and beyond in representing our needs all the way through to the end: he was not only literally by our side during the financing, inspection and settlement phases, but he also helped us connect with contractors, served as a furniture broker between us and the sellers, and came up with creative win-win solutions when any challenging issues arose in the transaction. We greatly benefited from his honesty, warmth and sense of humor, and we would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Vince."

Matthew Forsythe, Earth Friendly Builder "Being a first-time homebuyer, I knew going in that I was in a vulnerable position. Without any real knowledge of the process of buying a home, I wasn't quite certain just where to start. I took a chance when I opted to contact Vince Decker by email after hearing about his work. Not even five minutes separated the time in which it took for me to send the first email, before I received a response, which set the tone for the remainder of my working relationship with him. The process was made indescribably simple, and unexpectedly exciting, due in no small part to Vince's genuine desire to fulfill the needs of his client. Vince was exceptionally personable, a sharp and refreshing contrast to the more often seen suit-and-tie real estate broker. My disposition left Vince with a notable challenge, as well as an aggressive timeline, which he not only conquered, but he did so in grand fashion! As a result, I am now an excited and proud homeowner, and feel privileged to have a broker that I can also call a friend. Make no mistake about it, Vince, I mean every word of it! Thanks again for the hard work and for getting me into my first home. Keep in touch, and feel free to swing by anytime!"

Geoff & T.C. Cooke, Musicians & Vintage Home Lovers "To put it simply, Vince amazed us. There are brokers out there who seem like used car salesmen, and we were not interested in dealing with one. Hearing great things about his work, we decided to give Vince a chance to try to "sell" us on working with him. He was the first real estate professional we'd ever met who was an actual genuine human being. He looked us right in the eye, listened carefully and processed what we were telling him about our needs and our plans. He really understood what we were wanting, and rather than looking for how we could "make him a sale," he showed us what our options were and how he could assist us. I can honestly say this guy put our needs and our best interest as his top priority, which says a lot these days. It's as if making a living at what he does is a secondary concern to him, simply because he enjoys this work. We never felt urged or compelled to do anything that didn't feel right or that deviated from our plans, and we felt that we were in the driver's seat with a safe and knowledgeable companion along for the ride. Not only that, but he's a really great guy! He has wonderful stories to tell from his world travels, and he's a joy to spend the afternoon with, either house-hunting or collaborating on selling. He goes out of his way, every step of the way, and it's fun all along. When it comes to the meat and potatoes of working with Vince, this guy gets the job done. He's not just friendly and genuine, he's a real pro. When we first met with him, we convinced ourselves quickly to work with him. And he blew our minds. He really knows his stuff, and he makes magical things happen without that slick-thing (he's got a firm grasp on the concept of karma). He gave us fantastic advice about how to get the house ready for market, and when we did, our house sold in under 12 hours, and for more than we were asking! We were moving out of state at the time or we certainly would have had him as our real estate agent for buying the next house. When we moved back to the Puget Sound this winter, no doubt about it, Vince was our guy. He found us the perfect house and made magic happen. He gave us tips about being competitive buyers, and sure enough we got the house. He even helped us negotiate our way through the inspection details. We simply could not be happier with the service and friendship Vince offered us so freely. It's as if he's an artist and real estate is his medium. No, wait. He's an artist, and honesty and integrity are his medium. Real estate just happens to be his vocation. And he's fantastic at it! Thank you Vince"

Dr. Earl Martin, Professor "Vince found my dream home and sold my former home with a combination of personal qualities and skills rarely found in the same person. Rarely do you find someone is who extremely task-oriented, skilled and efficient, while simultaneously building casual and calm working relationships. On the business of getting tasks done he is very driven; but on the people side, his confident, fun, and easy-going nature relaxes what can often be a stressful period in people's lives. He is generous with his effective and empathetic listening skills and is an artful and fair negotiator. Vince's work is influenced by a set of life values that encompass both his business and personal life. He truly values helping others, justice, community stewardship, and trusts that abundance comes from giving. Like many of his former clients, I consider Vince a friend and someone I will know in this community for years to come. If you don't know Vince and are considering working with him ... I trust very much that you will experience the same positive experience as many others have during the often very sensitive and momentous process of buying and selling homes".

Will & Kim Walker, Healthcare Administrators "I would like to provide a testimonial about our experience buying a house through real estate broker Vince Decker. My husband and I viewed some Craftsman historic homes and absolutely fell in love with one. We found it on Vince's website and the buying experience from then on was completely stress free. We have purchased homes before and until this time have always found it to be a very stressful experience. Vince's charm and personality made buying our house feel like we had all been friends for a long time. He is up front and honest, and does indeed love homes with character. He lives up to everything his website says and then some. We will highly recommend him to all of our family and friends. To those who are reading this, we promise you, you won't be disappointed. After we started our loan process we found out that people we knew at work had gone through him as well and were more than 100 percent satisfied. Please, if you are looking to buy a house, you are really missing out if you don't contact Vince as your broker. Thank you Vince. Enough good things cannot be said. Best of luck to you and your family".

Pat, Cheryl and Gillian Kelly, Naval Commander "In the process of finding a real estate broker to help us sell our historic home before relocating to Hawaii, we had planned to use someone arranged through our bank which would have resulted in a $5000 cash rebate. We had met the recommended person and were quite satisfied, but felt that we should meet at least another real estate broker for comparison. When we called Vince, we believed that this would simply be a formality given the amount of money from the rebate, but it took only a few moments with Vince to see he was a different breed of agent. Vince Decker possesses a very real and special understanding for the sale and purchase of historic homes. His keen interest is not simply the result of his chosen occupation, but it reflects a true appreciation for the architecture and construction of the homes, as well as for the people interested in those homes. To make a long story short, we opted to forego the cash rebate with the knowledge that Vince's expertise would be far more valuable than the cash incentive. We weren't disappointed - our home sold quickly at a great price. Vince's pride, professionalism and foresight aside, we now count him among our friends".

Jilene Bosman, Retired "Thanks to Vince and electronic technology we sold our Mother's home while I was on a tour of Greece! The 10 hour time difference and touring made phone communication nearly impossible, but we accomplished it by email and electronic signatures and I had a great vacation!. Vince gave clear guidance in email instructions, had the inspection completed and estimates in hand when we met the day I returned. The sale closed six weeks to the day we listed without any glitches.  Vince is an extremely knowledgeable broker, positive about the real estate climate and always had our best interest at heart. His photos both online and on the fliers used excellent digital photography. He works with a great attention to detail.  We liked that Vince suggested we show our Mother's home with her furniture in lieu of staging it. We saw that as an honor and respect to our mother who loved her home - we hope the new owner will enjoy it as much as she did".

Todd Combs, Fine Interior Painting "Hi Vince, Just a quick note to say great job! I could not be happier with how quickly my home sold and how skillfully you negotiated the new home I bought. I have worked with brokers on many past purchases and have always been generally happy with those transactions...but you really turned it up a notch! You are the first broker that REALLY negotiated! Others have just merely submitted low offers that I approved and then ended up meeting in the middle (boring and typical!). You saved me thousands! I would like to say thanks by repaying you those thousands of dollars. Where should I wire the money? Just kidding, that money is going into the upgrades in my new place! Cheers to you oh saver of my hard earned money! Until our next transaction, vaya con dios!"

Roy Holman, Yoga & Meditation Teacher "A year ago I never would have dreamed I'd be able to purchase my own home. Today, I am living in my own wonderful, charming historic home, my first home. What especially I appreciate about Vince is that he did not simply want to sell me a home - he wanted me to make sure I found the right home for me. He even talked me out of a couple places I considered (I was a bit anxious). He knew we'd find something that was more "me", and we did. Furthermore, Vince has turned into more of a friend than real estate agent - thanks Vince!"

Serena & Little Keith Humphries, VA Administration "There is no denying that being a single woman making a home purchase can be very intimidating. I want to thank you, Vince, for not only making it pleasurable but for doing it enthusiastically! From the moment I made my first phone call to Vince, I felt that he had my best interest at heart. He patiently listened to my laundry list of desires and worked tirelessly to find exactly the home I needed and wanted. Not once did I feel pressured like I had in the past while working with other brokers. Despite obstacles that came up and my zillion questions, he always was incredibly helpful, guiding me through the process of buying my home effortlessly and with a great sense of humor. For every question I asked, he not only had an answer but he made sure I understood it. Vince is a genuine, warm, down-to-earth person that I felt most comfortable being around. I was truly impressed with his knowledge and passion for his work! Vince, thank you again for helping my son and I get into our first home. I am forever grateful and I will certainly send my loved ones your way".

John & Patricia Sontra, Pharmacists "We had often seen Vince Decker signs on homes for sale in our neighborhood. As we began thinking of selling a rental home we had nearby, a home that had been in John's family for over 80 years, we called on Vince to give us his expert opinion. He met us within an hour of our call, walked through the home, and gave us an honest assessment. He gave us a list of things he felt were necessary to bring the home to selling condition, and also gave us names and numbers of contractors, stagers, etc. to help us get going. We worked on the home for the next several months, using many of the contacts Vince had given us, with great results. He would check in from time to time to see how we were doing, always answering our questions and giving us helpful advice. When we were finally ready to list, Vince was ready to go, and did a wonderful job of marketing the house. We were tired and burned out from our "part time" job of the past few months, so turning it all over to Vince was a relief, and working with him could not have been easier. Though he had warned us, and we knew, that the market was quite different from the market in past years, the house sold in two weeks. We thank him for his expertise, kindness, and patience, and highly recommend him."

Allen Jackson, Finance "My home had been listed on the market with another broker for many months with very little action. Vince took over the listing and everything changed. The new home photos were sharp, the marketing professional, color flyers always stocked in the box. We noticed immediately that activity increased, we were thrilled when we had a buyer in a matter of weeks. Vince made sure that the home was shown to its best advantage, and stayed in close touch with us and with agents who had shown the home to prospective buyers. I am now happily living in my new home (which Vince found for me). Vince made the process of selling my home and buying another a pleasure from start to finish".

Timothy & Connie Buckley, M.D. "Working with Vince Decker was a pleasure from start to finish. After 18 years in our 1911 vintage home, and with the last of the kids ready to move out, we knew it was time to make a radical change. Vince was a clear communicator, knew the real estate climate, worked tirelessly as if we were his only client, and tailored his strategies to our specific needs. He was always prompt and reliable, handled vital details that are so easy to miss, and SOLD our home for full price very quickly. Equally important was Vince's initiative negotiating our purchase of our home in Bellingham, which, due to its desirability and a very cantankerous seller, was a long shot. The only person we dealt with directly during the purchase was Vince, he skillfully and aggressively navigated the challenge, resulting in our first offer being accepted the same day our home sold. Things moved so quickly and painlessly that the only problem was finding ourselves in Bellingham about 2 months before we had even planned to start looking for jobs. Vince is a rare breed of professional who offers a lot, and delivers even more. He manages to pull this off while engaging in respectful, ethical relationships, and staying true to his promise to "make it fun." His consistently upbeat approach and clear concern for his clients and the broader community are exemplary. We will continue to recommend Vince with enthusiasm and without reservation, and wish he and his family continued peace, health, and success."

John & Lyndia Kirk, Retired "When it was time to sell our home, we first listed it with one of the larger realty chains. Three months later only 3 buyers had looked at our place, our listing had expired and needless to say we were discouraged. Then we remembered someone telling us that Vince Decker had a very good reputation. He was supposedly honest, knowledgeable and very professional. All this turned out to be true. Within three weeks, from the time we listed with him, we accepted an offer and the process was completely over in two months. He always kept us informed, answered our questions, and never made us feel uneasy. For this and his friendly ways we thank him very much".

J.R. & Lindsey Cienega, Healthcare "My pregnant wife and I were living in apartment and looking for a home to fit our soon to be growing family. When driving around the neighborhoods, a certain name & face kept popping up a lot, Vince Decker. I sent him an e-mail later that Friday night (9 PM-ish) and he called us back that same night! My wife had to work over the weekend, so I was free to spend some time with Vince to look for homes on Saturday. Saturday turned into Sunday which turned into Monday afternoon after I got off work. About 20 homes & +/- 30 hours later of actual 1:1 searching time with Vince we ended up back to a house where we first met Vince; a little red craftsman with a lot of character that we felt comfortable with placing a bid and getting an inspection on for purchase. It all worked out and now we have our first house in which to let our family grow. Everybody going through the process knows the pains, sacrifices, & sometimes heart aches that go along with house hunting, but Vince was a great guide with an honest opinion that made the process seem relatively pain free. I see him in the neighborhood guiding others around and know that they're probably getting a great experience like my wife & I had. When we move up for our next house, I know he's the one we will be dealing with. He's earned our trust, business, confidence to return, & send others his way. GO VINCE".

Sara & Joel Capello, Computer Science "Vince helped us both sell our 94 year-old house and buy our eight-year old home. The former had a full-price offer the first weekend he put it on the market (!), and the latter we were able to purchase below the appraised value. In spite of our having three young children and a new baby at time, Vince made the transition a smooth process for us. We love our new home and are very pleased with our decision to call Vince".